Simple Steps to Create a Product in CMC

IBM Commerce Management Center gives complete control of your catalog. You could add/delete/modify any product description and control pricing of the product. Here i would like to show how to add a product in Aurora Store.

Let us add a product under “Boys Pants” Category and see how easy to publish a product.

1. Open CMC.

2. Go to Management Center Tools>Catalogs. You can see below image, I have Aurora as master catalog. If you have any other store, you should see something similar


3. Add New product like like shown in below image



4. Fill the details under manage product. Ensure that you have display to customers checked.Give List Price and Offer Price as $100 each.



Note: Offer price is the one Aurora store refers when product is displayed.


a. If you ever come across error “Price Pending” in aurora store. First place to check is if this product has offer price.

b. If you still see “Price Pending” even after completing all the below steps then run “UpdateSearchIndex” scheduler job and check.

5. Let’s add a defining attributes. lets say our Boys Pants product have only color. Add Color alone. Defining attributes are the one user could able to choose. In our example, User can select color from the color attribute we defined.



6. Lets save and preview.


What you see in above preview?

a. Product is unavailable

b. No display image

c. Cost of the product is $100.

You could fix image by adding image under display section. What about product is currently not available section?, Lets fix this.


7. Go back to CMC, Click on “Generate SKUs”, You can right click on product and click Generate SKU


8. I can see three items being created. Since only three colors are available for boys pant.



You could see list of SKUs, These are called Items. If there are 3 colors , our product OMS PANT will have 3 items.


7. Now save and preview the product. You can see what you wanted.




8. If you want to set the price range based on quality available. Like if quantity available is 50-100 then price has to be $50 and if quantity available is between 1-50 price has to be $100. Then you can define that at Manage Product>Pricing under offer pricing for aurora store.


With this you could able to create Product,Items and set prices based on quantity.

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