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Cool Tools by Gartner

Gartner analysts, Tom Austin and Mike Gotta, presented some cool tools, that have a social angle, primarily Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA)

Welltok – a virtual personal assistant for health care, see CafeWell as an initial application

  • – community for health and wellness
  • – provides advice to individuals

MindMeld – conversational application, connect through Facebook, conversational assistant – listens, finds, organizes, archives.

– advice to groups of people

GridSpace – meeting memo taker – preserve and analyze meetings

– who said what to whom in a meeting

HP in Context Analytics – auto-match searching based on text chat in MS Lync, later other IM’s and voice.

Wrike – as work is less routine, people self-organize work – realtime project co-ordination and work management platform. Social Task Management

Microsoft Office Graph – social queues and behaviors – precursor to virtual personal assistant, in Office 365 only.

  • – includes app and workload intelligence
  • – auto population of Office Graph
  • – Big Data analytics
  • – Semantic expressiveness
  • – Graph based search

Lots of power inside Office environment. Less so for departments less dependent on MS Office, i.e. Engineering with CAD, or Marketing with Adobe.

Sqwiggle – continuous spresence awareness across remote teams – making remote workers feel like they be log.

Highspot – influence, authority, relationships – manually tag information, search, and discover. Who do you follow, who follows you.  Highspot is here today, and it works, and is available in the cloud.

Cuff – personal security device that fits into an expanding line of jewelry. Pairs with you iPhone or Android phone, and with one press will alert loved ones when you need them. You can also send reminders, or notifications that you are trying to reach the person.

Interesting papers that may be worth a read:

  • Cool Vendors in Social Software and Collaboration. 2014 – Mike Gotta – G00262576.
  • Cool Vendors in Smart Machines, 2014 – Tom Austin – G00262488.

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