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I am an IBM WebSphere Infrastructure Architect by trade. When I first read about Pure it was almost to good to be true. After 10 months of working with Pure I can say with confidence that its all true. I was able to deploy an entire IBM BPM and WODM infrastructure in 4 hours.

Pure ApplicationThe key to the rapid deployment benefits of Pure are the utilization of the patterns delivered by IBM. Customers need to uses these patterns at every opportunity.

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There are a few situations were the IBM delivered Infrastructure Patterns will not meet the customers needs. In this case IBM has delivered a set of tools that can be used to extend and customize the IBM delivered patterns.

In some cases a pattern may need to be developed from scratch. The same IBM tools can be used to develop an image from scratch.

Attached are 2 documents I wrote that can assist the read in extending an IBM pattern or creating a pattern from scratch. The tools are demonstrated in both docs.

IBM Pure Application Create Custom Image Guide – Part 1 Virtual Image by extending

IBM Pure Application Create Custom Image Guide – Part 2 Virtual Image from scratch

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