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Creating a single best view of the patient #HIMSS14

As healthcare organizations prepare for full scale integration of electronic medical records through EHR and enterprise wide data warehouse initiatives, identity resolution is a priority for everyone.

shutterstock_128624354A Master Person Index (MPI) is a solution intended to solve the common problem where multiple systems or applications within the organization gradually become inconsistent with the most current data. When this information changes and only one system is updated, the MPI solution ensures that the change is propagated to all other systems to create the single best view. The MPI may be found at the single system level, facility level, enterprise or health information exchange (HIE) level. A “person” in the healthcare context may be a physician, patient, member, payers, etc.

Data management is one of my favorite subjects and I’m very excited about the evolution of MPIs for identity resolution, as well as, other Master Data Management solutions. But let’s focus on the benefits of the Master Person Index. Some examples are:

  • Correctly matching a point of reference to patient, clinician, payer or other entities within and across the organization can improve care coordination and ensure trusted information in an emergency.
  • Accuracy in building the “best single view” of the patient will empower both disease management and research activities.
  • Using an MPI solution will enhance governance and risk management capabilities since MPI solutions are compliant with IHE audit messaging and recording standards.
  • Using an MPI automated solutions provide a means to interpret and analyze patterns in incoming data to help trace lineage of the values to determine original source of bad data.

Perficient’s dedicated national practice, combined with hundreds of business and technology professionals, delivers innovative and intelligent solutions for hospitals and health systems, integrated delivery networks, health plans, life sciences and state and federal government agencies. We are uniquely positioned to deliver identify management assessments and strategic roadmaps. Stop by our booth at #HIMSS14 booth #2035 to view our case studies.

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See my blog “Direct Secure Messaging and Improved Care Coordinationto learn more about the Oracle HIE platform.


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