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Sitecore Web Redesign – Perficient and Lamar Advertising

Perficient and LamarPerficient consultants have the opportunity to work on high-visibility projects using the latest technologies at some of the biggest and well-known companies around. These projects typically entail transforming the client’s business operations in meaningful ways.  And our partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies give our team members the opportunity to leverage the latest and greatest technologies in doing so.
A recent example of this is Perficient’s work at Lamar Advertising, the nation’s leading outdoor advertising company, where we implemented Sitecore CMS.
Candace“Lamar’s team made the decision to use Sitecore and then sought a vendor who had expertise in that area,” said Candace Hoeksema, Perficient’s lead developer on the project. “Sitecore is such a new technology that very few companies have the experience that we do in this area.” The marketing team at Lamar was highly invested in the process and wanted the project to succeed.  They were very technically savvy, understood the requirements, and had a very strong idea of what they wanted to accomplish.
Where did Candace come in? “I was the main developer on the project and there were two additional consultants who helped with the execution.  We had a third team member who is an expert on the search portion of Sitecore and he handled that aspect of the project. Lamar has more than 170 web properties and we needed to create a system that would allow all of the offices to acquire information off of the corporate site but maintain their individual look and feel.  It was a substantial challenge but I really enjoyed it.”
When asked whether there is there anything she learned on the project that will carry over to other projects Candace says, “I learned so much about the advertising business.  It’ll be very helpful to know the terminology and the industry when I have the opportunity to work with Lamar or another client in the advertising industry.”
Perficient is committed to providing our consultants the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology to solve our clients’ challenges. If you’d be interested in learning more about Perficient’s Sitecore practice and the career opportunities on our Sitecore team please visit Perficient Careers.

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