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IBM Connect: Keynote Guest Speaker: Seth Meyers

Connect opened up with the band American Authors.  Great opening.   Jay Baer is the guest MC.  He’s a pretty funny guy.

Seth Meyers is the keynote speaker.  He’s a funnier guy and soon to start the Late Night show.

Seth MeyersHow they hire comedy writers has changed. They never hire anyone without looking at twitter and getting at least a years worth of their jokes. “It’s completely democratized the way they hire”   His main writer curates a list of people who are funny.  He uses twitter as the main input to that list.   From this list, the third person they hired was an IT guy from at an insurance company in Peoria Illinois.  (no joke)

  • Used to be facebook was just a book with faces.  At least then it was safe.
  • Every camera has a video setting.  So every tenth photo on vacation is a video with you waiting for that stranger to take the picture.
  • Most nervous I ever before a performance was at the White House Correspondents dinner.  Got to take his picture with the President.  First time he met the president at SNL was to ask him if he could take off his mask.
  • Lost a friend in Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents dinner.  “If he runs for President he will run as a Republican which was funny because I thought he was running as a joke.”


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