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How to install XI52 Virtual Appliance

One of the interesting IBM offerings in the suite of middle-ware products are the Datapower XI52 and XC10 virtual appliance. Combining these technologies with a few Openware products and you have the foundation for a nice small scale enterprise environment in which you can experiment and test a variety of configuration solutions.

How to install XI52 Virtual ApplianceWith this idea in mind, I recently set out to build a small laboratory environment using a virtualized XI52 as an ESB, a virtualized XC10 as caching solution, WSMQ, FileZilla FTP Server, and a virtualized Oracle database, along with a few other technologies that we often encounter in the wild. In this first article I’ve shared a “how-to” guide that can be used to setup the ESB and caching environments on a laptop, as foundational middle-ware components for the infrastructure.

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This is the first step of building a lab that can certainly be extended, and used to emulate several enterprise Use Cases scenarios.

As an outcome of this exercise, you’ll have all of what you need to setup and teardown several XI52 and XC10 instances. And if you’re interested to see how this environment can be used, then follow along as we add various components to our mini enterprise lab.

For step-by-step instructions, download the document here.

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