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Information Integration and Master Data Hub Solution

Perficient’s Information Integration & Master Data Hub solution impacts the entire information supply chain from data capture, integration, and analysis. The solution helps IIMDHorganizations consolidate disparate data sources, apply business rules, adhere to data governance policies, and provide analytics.  At the core of the solution is a data model that includes pre-built adapters to common source systems with defined measures and metrics as well as pre-configured application integration. Both components allow for faster implementations and quicker business results. In addition, the solution provides a Master Data Hub which data stewards can discover and remediate anomalies such as duplicate records and overlays. Data stewards can then apply new processes and procedures around data governance to prevent future data issues. This improves data quality and allows for data profiling where data is standardized into a single format. This enables organizations to provide a “golden view” of customers, products, suppliers, employees, accounts and more.

IBM software included in the solution:

  • Master Data Management Standard Edition
  • IBM InfoSphere
  • IBM Cognos
  • IBM FileNet

Benefits of the solution include:

  • IBM Information Integration and Governance Authorized solution
  • Automated discovery of data which helps users navigate with a single view of the data across the enterprise
  • Streamlined processing of large amounts of data
  • Quicker delivery of analytics and improved decision-making

IBM Approved Solution

Data Intelligence - The Future of Big Data
The Future of Big Data

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Perficient’s Information Integration & Master Data Hub is an IBM approved solution. Perficient has invested in information integration and governance skills and leveraged that knowledge and implementation experience to develop this solution. After an extensive review of the solution Perficient was given IBM approval which recognizes the solutions repeatable assets, and that it was developed with an IBM Information Integration and Governance technology, and implemented with a consistent methodology.

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