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Smartphone Apps & Nostalgia Marketing

Remember playing Snake on your first cell phone? Or maybe, like me, playing Snake on your mom’s first cell phone? Apps  for iPhone and Android that mimic the original game have millions of downloads.
Better yet, remember the Tamagotchi? This little pixel monster would beep in your pocket until you digitally fed or picked up after it and also happened to be the bane of school teachers. Now an app has been released that allows smartphone users (Android only for now, with iOS in the works) to relive that experience. Both Wired and Mashable covered the topic of the new Tamagotchi app. “The app’s expected audience, says Sync Beatz CMO Shin Ueno, are 22- to 29-year-olds who carried their Tamagotchis to school — and then had them confiscated in class in the late ’90s.”
This demographic coincidentally corresponds nicely to the leading age group of smartphone users.


In an age of Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, who would rather play with a Tamagotchi? The answer – anybody with a fond memory of a childhood craze.

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