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Take the worry out of going mobile

The future of business is in your hands right now – or on your wrist or in your pocket. More than two-thirds of consumer shopping and almost 40 percent of purchases occur with either a smartphone or tablet, according to Forrester Research. About 90 percent of e-commerce originates from mobile devices, and a growing segment […]

Smart App vs. Stupid App

Have you ever asked yourself why my work applications can’t be more like my mobile phone apps? My Smartphone is just amazing. I asked my phone “where am I” and it pulled up a map and showed me. I didn’t have to learn a new command. It was just an intuitive question and I really […]

Smartphone Apps & Nostalgia Marketing

Remember playing Snake on your first cell phone? Or maybe, like me, playing Snake on your mom’s first cell phone? Apps  for iPhone and Android that mimic the original game have millions of downloads. Better yet, remember the Tamagotchi? This little pixel monster would beep in your pocket until you digitally fed or picked up after […]

Mobile Development Best Practices

From Desktops to Mobile and Smart Phones – Lessons Learned This session at Lotusphere 2012 was presented by Usman Memonand focused on lessons learned and best practices many organizations face today when moving to mobile platforms.  Some of the key lessons learned are highlighted here. Development Approaches and Considerations Users are attempting to access your […]

[Part One] Reengineering for the 21st Century Business – Don’t Automate, Obliterate

  The computing power that employees wield today is unprecedented. With a desktop at work, a laptop at home and a smartphone in hand, all connected to the internet, the availability of processing power and information is astounding. “The computing power in your cell phone today is a million times cheaper and a thousand times […]

File this under really cool use of a smartphone

Christopher Monier blogs about a new iPhone ECG app that is something I don’t think I ever envisioned from a smartphone. The brilliance of the iPhoneECG is that, since it’s coupled to the one device people tend to bring everywhere, it dramatically increases the odds that a person who may be experiencing some abnormal heart […]