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Getting Started with EDI Data Troubleshooting

If you are doing EDI, at one time or another you have had to troubleshoot why your data is being rejected. This article deals with just a simple error received and how to find the solution. Sometimes it is easier than you think.

This particular error came as an XML message. I am only going to show those portions dealing with the error.

<ExecutionDate>Monday, October 01, 2012</ExecutionDate>

<ExecutionTime>03:00:29 PM (GMT)</ExecutionTime>




<Category Name=”Rejecting“>

<Severity Name=”Normal“>1</Severity>


<Error Severity=”Normal” Category=”Rejecting” SNIP=”1” Index=”1” ID=”0xa1001a“>

<Brief>XEngine error.</Brief>

<Description>Not expected text ‘D8’ in position 5777.</Description>


<Parameter Name=”Param_1“>D8</Parameter>

<Parameter Name=”Param_2“>5777</Parameter>

What does this mean? Don’t panic, just take it one step at a time. This error message is stating that it found a DOB where it was not expected.

Next look at the data sent. Here is the sample data in error.

ISA*00* *00* *ZZ*SNDR *ZZ*RCVR *121001*1200*{*00501*747549179*0*P*^~
NM1*1P*2*Provider Name*****XX*NPI Number~
REF*Q4*Prior ID Number~
NM1*IL*1*LName Subscriber*FName Subscriber****MI*Member ID~
REF*6P*Group Number~
NM1*03*1*LName Dependent*FName Dependent*MI Dependent~

If you compare your data to the HIPAA 270/271 5010 TR3 guide you will notice it states the DOB is required at the Subscriber level IF the Subscriber is the patient. In this case, the patient is the Dependent, and we now know that the DOB should be sent at the Dependent level.

NM1*IL*1*LName Subscriber*FName Subscriber****MI*Member ID~

REF*6P*Group Number~

DMG*D8*19010101~ – Should not be sent


NM1*03*1*LName Dependent*FName Dependent*MI Dependent~

DMG***F~ – Should be sent

Next you need to determine why your mapping did not populate correctly. That is another issue altogether. It may be an easy or complex problem to fix, but your mapping program should be the next step.

Simple, right? Unfortunately not all your errors will be as easy to determine. Remember, any EDI error can be found and resolved if you start with the small picture rather than the big picture.

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Deborah O'Rear, Sr. Technical Consultant

Deborah O’Rear is a business-focused, outcomes-driven consultant with more than 15 years of healthcare industry experience. She has a vast depth of EDI and BSA knowledge to support healthcare clients. Deborah is well versed in articulating, clarifying, and writing business requirements, establishing implementation strategies, QA, user stories, and testing.

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