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Test Your iOS Apps in the Browser

Let’s face it – getting an Ad-Hoc build to a client of their super-cool-new-app-in-progress can often be time intensive and cumbersome. While the advent of wireless distribution certainly was a huge improvement over having your client download the .ipa file, import it into iTunes, and physically sync their device via USB to get the application installed, Kickfolio looks to make it even easier to hand out those dev builds to clients. Instead of having to gather and manage all of the UDIDs and¬†compile them into an .ipa, developers just need to upload the simulator build to Kickfolio and send out a link to view and interact with the app.
Unlike other solutions which used Flash to render the app, Kickfolio requires no plug-ins, just a HTML5-compatible browser. What this also means is that you can embed previews of your apps on your Website, Facebook, Google+ or the like, letting prospective clients see and interact with your work.
This certainly looks promising and I’ll be trying this out over the coming weeks and reporting my findings.

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