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When first released Chatter in 2010, the message was largely “just turn it on” and adoption will automatically follow. However, many companies who implemented this way did not always get the full benefit they expected.

There is good news. At Dreamforce 2012 announced an implementation methodology called ENGAGE to help customers achieve the social transformation that Chatter can deliver.

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Perficient is excited to be part of a small number of authorized ENGAGE partners. Our inclusion was based on our innovative work and thought leadership around communities and social transformation. Using the ENGAGE methodology we have been able to help clients in a variety of ways:

  1. Out of the box implementation – Rollout Chatter using out-of-the-box features
  2. Augment with AppExchange apps – There are great Chatter focused AppExchange applications,  many of them free, that can make the difference between results and stagnation
  3. Go Custom – Take Chatter to a whole new level using development.  Embed Chatter in any Visualforce page to get exactly the look and form you need. For example we helped one of our cutting edge Big Data clients to create a social intranet/ community to support each of its departments. The solution included embedding a Chatter feed in the UI so each department could collaborate more effectively. A great example of Chatter singlehandedly replacing intranets of old, which are notorious for stale, static content and poor adoption!

We are actively working with several of our customers to re-launch Chatter using the ENGAGE methodology, so they reap the promise of better collaboration and communication.

Take advantage of the power of Chatter and ENGAGE today. To learn more about Perficient and Chatter ENGAGE, click here.

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