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[GLOSSARY] Salesforce Chatter Terminology Explained

Keeping your team aligned has its own challenges, especially when taking on new technology. A core component of Salesforce is Chatter, which enables enterprise-level social networking for employees, partners, and customers in a secure, measurable, and trackable environment. With the interchangeable terms from company to company and across technologies, we evaluated the top terms people […]

Collaboration vs Communication

I recently read a very short article on regarding “Collaboration vs Communication and Why It Matters.” The article makes some good points but could expound on the topic overall. Let me give you my take on this. We see a lot of companies today attempting to redo their intranet, development processes, etc. Almost without […]

Nearshore Agile Teams

[GLOSSARY] Salesforce Community Cloud Terminology Explained

Active communication is a vital component to a successful technology implementation, and speaking the same language (figuratively and literally!) helps keep all members of a team on track. To ensure you (and your team) are on the same page when discussing your Salesforce Community, use this glossary of key Salesforce Community Cloud terms and their […]

5 Highlights of Salesforce Summer ’18 Admin Preview Live

Salesforce’s “Summer ’18 Admin Preview Live” highlighted features guaranteed to deliver greater efficiencies to actionable information, cleaner reports, and insights into end-user skill sets. Among the highlights, here are… 5 Features from “Summer ’18 Admin Preview Live” Every Salesforce Admin Should Leverage Last Run Date on Reports Lists In Lightning Experience (LEX), the “Report Last […]

Top 4 Spring ’18 Community Features to be Excited About

It’s that time of year again — the holidays are over, but we have something even better to look forward to: the Spring ’18 Release! I’m going to try to temper my exclamation points, bolds and all caps, but let me tell you, this release is beyond exciting! Let’s break down the Top 4 Areas […]

Make Your Community More Intelligent in Summer ’17

The Salesforce Summer ’17 release has a lot of features for Community Cloud that are centered around having a more targeted, intelligent experience for your community members. As part of this, Salesforce is tracking more interactions than ever and giving you (and Einstein) access to that data to take action on it. Here are a […]

#DF15: Use employee communities to engage and retain top talent

Dreamforce 2015 is off to a great start. I just attended my first session of the week where I had the chance to hear Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and AstraZeneca talk about how their enterprise social networks are transforming how they work as companies and how they retain top talent. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt integrated Chatter on top of an […]

3 Deal Registration Best Practices for Your Channel Partners

  Deal registration continues to be the number one reason that we see our customers implement Partner Communities. Several years back, my colleague Jason Dickinson wrote an excellent blog about three different ways that you can implement Deal Registration in Salesforce that still rings true today. Here, I will focus on three deal registration best practices that […]

5 Hot CRM Initiatives in the High-Tech Industry

  High-tech business is hot right now. In an industry flooded with news of new tech gadgets, start-ups and the next wave of cloud innovation, one thing is for sure – change is constant. As the competitive landscape continues to shift, high-tech companies must continue to be one step ahead of the competition and their customers […]

4 New Community Cloud Tools Digital Community Managers Will Love!

  Are digital communities the future of business? Salesforce thinks so. According to Nasi Jazayeri, executive vice president of Community Cloud, “Communities have become the connective tissue lining customers, partners and employees to companies and each other.” What is Salesforce doing to change the game with the next-generation of Community Cloud? With the Summer ’15 […]

3 Things to Consider Before Migrating to Salesforce Communities

I recently blogged about the The Top 10 Reasons to migrate to Salesforce Communities from Salesforce Portals. If you think you are ready to take the plunge, here are three things that you need to think about before starting your migration efforts: Do you want to add enhancements when migrating? Most of the customers who come to us to migrate are doing so […]

Top 10 Reasons to Migrate to Salesforce Communities

I have spoken to many customers recently who are thinking of migrating from a Salesforce Portal to Salesforce Communities, and want to know what differs between the two platforms. First off, there are many ways the two are similar – at the most basic level, both Portals and Communities allow you to leverage the power […]

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