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Magic Quadrant Madness, Denali and complete transparency

So I just read the recently published BI magic quadrant analysis from Gartner and noticed a slight adjustment in the bubbles. The Microsoft BI platform continues to increase along the ‘Completeness of Vision’ axis (X), but the ‘Ability to Execute’ measure (Y-axis) slipped a notch and I wanted to know why.

After reading the ‘Strengths’ section of the report, a lengthy task in itself, I blinked once and completely missed the ‘Cautions’ section and had to go back and search for them again. 🙂 However, being transparent, I did find them and this is what they had to say; “…because Microsoft’s BI platform capabilities exist across three different tools (Office, SQL Server and SharePoint) that also perform non-BI functions, integrating the necessary components can be complex…” The report then goes on to say; “…Microsoft’s do-it-yourself approach puts more of the BI solutions development and integration onus for the platform components on customers…”.

And I would say, “Yes, this is true”, however, knowing the platform pretty well, I would also add;
– Office, SQL Server and SharePoint? so… that means I already have the licenses right? …hhmmm, that sounds about right..
– Integration complexity? well… it is an enterprise platform after all right? …why.. yes it is..

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OK then, problem solved!

“Well hold on”, you might say. “We’re understaffed now and don’t really have time to learn about the latest BI rocket ship you know!”

So… would a primer on the new SQL Server 2012 “Denali” platform help you? “Why, yes it would!”

OK then…

Problem solved.

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