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Sharing Axure Prototypes

Perficient UX team members often use Axure to create design prototypes. We prototype varying levels of fidelity based on the stage of the design process and the particular project’s needs, from basic wireframes to advanced interactive prototypes. A generated prototype includes HTML and JavaScript files as well as associated images. If you don’t have a dedicated server and URL for staging and hosting, these files can be challenging to share with clients for review and feedback.
Fortunately, Axure has a newer feature that allows for easy distribution of prototype files. AxShare, using Amazon Web Services, was developed by Axure as a way to generate prototype files to the cloud for others to view. Simply create an account, upload a prototype – 10 MB or less – and within a minute or so, a URL is generated that you can send to others for review. You can add password protection if desired. There’s also a discussion feature, though currently not very robust, that allows viewers to add page-based comments to the prototype.
One limitation is that you cannot have more than 10 active prototypes in your account, which shouldn’t be a big deal unless you like to save prototypes as examples. Another potential concern is that each version of your prototype generates a new URL, so if you are doing rapid prototyping with frequent reviews, you don’t have one place that people can go to see the latest and greatest.

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