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User Agent Spoofing

In the era of the mobile internet, many firms have taken the action of developing the mobile version of a web application to ensure the user will gain a better experience when exploring the site through a mobile phone.

In order to test the mobile version of a web application on the computer, you can try user-agent spoofing. Compared to testing the web application on a real mobile device, user-agent spoofing will be more cost effective and productive.

How to do user-agent spoofing in IE:

1. Ensure Fiddler has been installed
2. Customize rules (Fiddler->Rules->Customise Rules)
3. Add the desired user-agent code into the “CustomRules.js”

RulesStringValue(17,”iPhone”, “Apple iPhone v1.1.4 CoreMedia v1.0.0.4A102”);
public static var sUA: String = “iPhone”;

4. Save it and Fiddler will reload automatically
5. Navigate to the web page to be tested:

How to do user-agent spoofing on FireFox?

1. Install addon “Tamper Data”
2. Start “Tamper Data”
3. Navigate to the web page:
4. Tamper the user agent accordingly

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