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Communicator for Mac 2011, Enterprise Voice, and the Missing Phone Icon

When using the Communicator for Mac 2011 client with Enterprise Voice, there appears to be a bug with the graphical user interface. Once you enable a user for Enterprise Voice in OCS 2007 R2 or Lync, the calling icon in the Communicator for Mac 2011 client should automatically switch from a microphone to a telephone. Well, what do you do if the telephone icon never actually appears? Read on…
The interesting thing that we determined during testing was that even though the phone icon didn’t display, the Mac user could receive inbound PSTN calls. After further testing and research, the issue appeared to be caused by a blank Telephone attribute in Active Directory.
To resolve the issue, follow the steps below to force the change to occur. If you’re patient though, the address book sync will take care of itself by default every night at 1:30AM.
Issue – Microphone Icon Not Automatically Switching to the Telephone Icon

Steps to Resolve the Issue on Lync

  1. Populate the user’s AD telephone attribute (e.g. 555-555-5555 or +15555555555)
  2. Wait about 5 mins for Lync to pick up the change (by default it should only take 1 minute)
  3. Open the Lync Management Shell and execute “Update-CsAddressBook
    1. This step assumes that the Address Book service is configured correctly and is successfully outputting full and delta ABS files
  4. Open the Event Viewer on the Lync Front End and ensure that the address book query has executed successfully
  5. Close the Communicator for Mac 2011 client
  6. Once the ABS query has completed successfully, search the Mac for the galcontacts files. You should receive two results. Delete both files.
  7. Launch the Communicator for Mac 2011 client and wait up to an hour for the client to generate the latest galcontacts file
  8. Once the Mac client has the freshest galcontacts file, the microphone icon will change to a telephone icon and enterprise voice should work as normal

Result – Telephone Icon Displayed

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