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Fab 40 for SharePoint 2010 activation error

If you downloaded the redesigned Fab 40 templates (there are actually substantially less than 40 templates for SharePoint 2010 as of yet) from here , you may run into difficulties when trying to create your sites. Apparently, there are multiple features that need to be installed on the site collection ahead of time, and the site creation wizard will keep complaining.

For example, you may see error message regarding feature 6c09612b-e1ef-4867-8396-531430c60f2 not being activated, and as soon you do that and retry, yet another missing feature error pops up.

Rather than trying to chase them down one by one , quick and dirty to bypass these errors is:

Step 1: install all features by issuing

Install-spfeature -allexistingfeatures

Step 2: Activate all features with the scope of "site" to the site collection where you want to create your Fab 40 sites. This will issue whole bunch of error messages since many of the site features are already activated, nevertheless it will take care of the ones that are missing.

get-spfeature | ForEach-Object{if($_.scope -eq "site" ){Enable-SPFeature $ -Url your_site_collection_url}}

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