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Perspectives on Microsoft Technologies for the Enterprise

SPEAK Up! Building Applications for the Sitecore Backend

What is SPEAK? Sitecore Process Enablement & Accelerator Kit is a set of standard tools that allow developers to build custom applications for Sitecore users inside the familiar Sitecore backend. SPEAK attempts to provide most of the tools a developer needs to build quickly and efficiently. SPEAK follows a convention-over-configuration paradigm, bringing together common JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Sitecore […]

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Wait Less, Develop More with Gulp – A Practical Example

I’ve had several colleagues tell me about Gulp recently. Gulp is an automated task runner. You can set it up to automate build tasks. They tell me it can do “anything.” But for me that wasn’t such a helpful description. Where do you start when this tool can do “anything?” Here, I have a practical […]

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Sitecore Ignition: Getting Started

This is a quick getting-started video for people wanting to clone and start working with Sitecore Ignition. Github location: Find us on #ignition on the Sitecore Community Slack On Twitter: @ignition_sc @sitecorejon @sitecorey @sitecoregeorge @sitecorechris Or ask a question or comment below!

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Sitecore Ignition 101 – Overview

Hello! Welcome to Ignition 101. In this series of posts, I’ll be going through some key concepts that Ignition brings to the table as well as some of the architecture decisions that were made as part of this framework. Ignition was designed to make life easier for both developer and content author. “Flexibility” is the […]

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Break the SharePoint Upgrade Cycle

Is it just me or does it seem like we’ve done this before? I began working with SharePoint with the release of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, lovingly (or not so lovingly) referred to as MOSS ’07, then came SharePoint Server 2010, and 2013, and now we’re at SharePoint 2016 and all feeling a little […]

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Sitecore MVP Stephen Tynes Talks Site Search Implementation

Our friends at Coveo recently sat down with Stephen Tynes, Perficient’s Sitecore Practice Director and four-time Sitecore MVP, to chat about site search implementation best practices. Check out part of the conversation below, and head over to Coveo’s blog to read more.

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How to Install Coveo for Sitecore

How to Install Coveo for Sitecore I feel like I can follow directions well. But I just can’t seem to make it through the instructions provided by Coveo for installing in Sitecore. So here are my notes for installing Coveo into an existing Sitecore instance. Step 1: Download Coveo for Sitecore Always make sure to […]

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SharePoint on the Go: 5 Things to Know about the iOS App

Microsoft launched the new SharePoint mobile app for iOS today, giving users access to their intranet on the go. Users can interact with content, people, and sites from their iPhones, giving SharePoint more relevance with today’s mobile device-dependent workforce. So, what do you need to know about the new app?

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Glass Mapper – Map Sitecore Rules Fields

Glass Mapper handles mapping of almost all Sitecore field types to your models, but I discovered one Sitecore field type that Glass Mapper can handle that isn’t well documented: the Rules field type. If you haven’t worked with the Sitecore Rules field type before, Jeff Darchuk has an excellent blog post about the Sitecore rules API […]

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Sitecore Developers: Start! Your! Ignition!

So, besides an excuse to use the old reliable “Start your engines!” trope, what is Ignition? Ignition is an open source development accelerator designed by the team at Perficient and released to the Sitecore community as a quick-start tool for beginning Sitecore projects. It has two primary components: the Sitecore Information Architecture piece and the .NET […]

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