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Perspectives on Microsoft Technologies for the Enterprise

Sitecore – Extend Treelist to Support Relative Datasource Paths

The Datasource Location field on renderings in Sitecore supports a nice feature that I’ve taken for granted–relative paths. For example, if you want content authors to put the data items for a particular rendering under the item that the rendering is on in the content tree, you can specify the Datasource Location as “./”. The Treelist field has a […]

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Sitecore Error: “The Field is not a Layout/Renderings field”

When working in the Sitecore content editor, have you ever seen this error message when you try to select a content item? “The field is not a layout/renderings field”. I encountered this error while consulting for a client, and thousands of content items were affected. This also seemed to be a fairly unusual error, and […]

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Office 365 – Script to Move Mail Distribution Groups to the Cloud

One of the common limitations that organizations discover when deploying Exchange Online is the inability of users to “self-manage” distribution groups that are synchronized. I’ve written about this in the past including putting together a workaround for environments that have Exchange 2013 on-premises. However, if you want users to be able to do what they’ve […]

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Final Rendering Deleted After Item Update

I recently had an issue with the Final Renderings being deleted from my pages after I updated a component in the Experience Editor. After a lot of Googling and working with Sitecore Suppport, we found a solution that resolved the issue for us. This specific resolution was not available in any of the posts that […]

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Sitecore – Hidden Gems

Recently I was working with Sitecore Support to resolve an issue that I was running into with a page. During the process they asked me to generate a package of the item from the \admin page. I’ve been working with Sitecore for a few years and used things like the \admin\showconfig.aspx page. But I’ve never […]

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7 Reasons to Avoid Over-Personalization in Sitecore XP

Before I get started, let me be clear, I am very much of the belief that a personalized customer experience can grow conversion by at least 20% compared to a contextually irrelevant site. Relevancy matters, so please put away your torches and pitchforks and let me clarify. I have started to see a trend where […]

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Sitecore PowerShell Extensions Pt.1: The What and the Wow

I still cannot believe that there are Sitecore developers out there that are still not using Sitecore Powershell Extensions. Since I discovered SPE, it’s saved me what I can only estimate as being hundreds of hours of headaches and hundreds of dollars in therapist bills! Admittedly, there’s a pretty steep learning curve, but the ROI […]

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Under the Hood With “The Future of SharePoint”

It has been about a week since Microsoft unveiled “The Future of SharePoint” at this event here (note: you have to provide your e-mail and some other info to get access to all the content). The keynote has kind of a general overview of all of the new directions that the SharePoint team is heading […]

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3 Things to Remember with Sitecore Multi-Site Configuration

Multi-sites in Sitecore are a useful way to host multiple sites on the same Sitecore instance. However, there are more steps than just adding your site into the <sites> section in the web.config. Below are 3 things that you should always remember to set in your configuration in a multi-site (or using a site name […]

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