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Perspectives on Microsoft Technologies for the Enterprise

New Skype for Business Client Released for macOS!

Great news for enterprise Mac users – this week, out of Redmond: the new Skype for Business client for macOS has been released and is available for download! If you’re a business Mac user (or if you support Mac users), and currently use Lync Server, Skype for Business Server, or Skype for Business Online as […]

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Sitecore User Group Atlanta Returns Before The Winds of Winter

The last Sitecore User Group meeting in Atlanta was on December 9, 2014. For reference, at that time the following were still alive (WARNING: Game Of Thrones Spoilers): Mance Rayder, Janos Slynt, Barristan Selmy, Maester Aemon, Shireen, Stannis Baratheon First of His Name, Myrcella Baratheon, Jon Snow (wink), Doran Martell, Trystane Martell, Roose Bolton, Balon […]

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Using Azure DocumentDB with Sitecore xDB

DocumentDB is a NoSQL JSON database by Microsoft that is provided as a service in Azure. Due to its cloud service architecture, this allows developers and clients to read and write to the service using the DocumentDB API and have a globally scalable and lightning fast data repository. This provides a consumption-based NoSQL database and […]

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Sitecore FXM Unable to locate JavaScript beacon on external site

Federated Experience Manager (FXM) is a very useful part of Sitecore, in that it allows end users to add content to and track events on external applications. This is good because it means that clients do not have to convert all of their existing applications into the Sitecore instance to use it’s functionality. In a […]

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Rise Feature Showcase – Quick Polls

Two-way communication is a key factor for gaining user adoption on the intranet and a great way to engage users and make your intranet more interactive is through the use of Quick Polls. Quick Polls are simple questions with multiple choice answers that users can answer quickly. Once a user has answered they get instant […]

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Adobe + Microsoft Azure: What Does It Mean?

Over on our Adobe blog, Perficient’s Rich Wood digs into the big news announced at Microsoft Ignite that Adobe is making Microsoft Azure it’s “preferred” service: It’s this simple: Azure is a Microsoft platform, so traditionally when people hear “Azure,” they immediately put walls around it.  Those walls look a lot like a Windows server […]

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Perficient Grows Microsoft Capabilities with Bluetube Acquisition

We are pleased to announce today that we have acquired Bluetube, a digital consultancy based in Atlanta, GA. Bluetube specializes in enterprise mobile applications, adding to our deep Sitecore expertise and introducing an Elite-level Xamarin partnership. Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned mobile app development platform, and Bluetube is one of just 10 Elite partners.

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Cloud Migration Made Easy: Perficient’s Innovation Lab

Are you ready to reach for the cloud? Cloud migration can be overwhelming, with so many different vendors, best practices, and processes to consider. With that in mind, Perficient has created the Innovation Lab, a 10- 16-week program to help you through migration to the cloud. Learn more here:

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CoreSampler Podcast: Derek Dysart and Ignition with Jon Upchurch

Last month in some downtime between great sessions at the 2016 Sitecore Symposium in New Orleans, I got the pleasure of meeting Derek Dysart. Derek is the creator of the Core Sampler Podcast, and is racking up an impressive collection of interviews. After talking for a bit, we decided that an interview about Ignition was […]

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