Digital Transformation | Perspectives on Transforming the Customer Experience Throughout the Connected Enterprise - Part 2

Digital Transformation

Perspectives on Transforming the Customer Experience Throughout the Connected Enterprise

To Lead Digital Transformation, CEOs Must Prioritize

The Harvard Business Review has a great article on the issues standing in front of realizing value from digital transformation.  A lot of it rings true in both the challenge and the answer. But first the challenge: The problem is that that these efforts tend to be ad-hoc and uncoordinated. Without the proper framing and […]

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2017 DT Trend: IT Will Continue to Evolve to Be More Agile

Some trends tend to be new and some are just a continuation.  Frankly, most IT organizations need a bit of a shakeup when it comes to digital transformation.  For too long, we have focused on ringing cost out of technology investment rather than using technology investment to gain more revenue or value.  I’ve lost track […]

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2017 DT Trend: Mobile Will Just Become Customer Experience

We rely more on anecdotal evidence for this but it’s definitely a trend.  While B2C organizations continue to highlight the importance of consumer-based mobile we see that the hype cycle has begun to level out.  Mobile is important.  No one argues that.  Omnichannel is important. No one argues that either.  However, more companies now realize […]

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Perficient Acquires Management Consulting Firm RAS & Associates

We’re only a couple days into the new year and are already making smart moves to further position our company as a leader in numerous industries, including aerospace and defense, cable and telecommunications, energy and mining, financial services, high tech, manufacturing, and travel and hospitality. Today, Perficient announced the acquisition of RAS & Associates, a […]

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2017 Digital Transformation Trends: Budgets Won’t Meet Needs

As is inevitable when something matures, people take a closer look at what is actually happening and what they can realistically expect to gain from it.  That’s no different for Digital Transformation.  It has significant upside and just a few of the various activities can benefit you.  For example: Focusing on DevOps can decrease time […]

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Economic Essentials of Digital Strategy

Every now and again I come across an article that moves from interesting to important.  McKinsey has a great article on the Economic Essentials of Digital Strategy.  It’s a long and in depth article that takes the topic to a higher and more strategic level of what’s forcing you digital transformation and why.  I won’t […]

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2017 Digital Transformation Trends: Culture and Organization

One of the most surprising trends we see is the continuing interest in both cultural and organizational change management. In two successive years, one of our most well attended webinars had to do with cultural change.  We also found it interesting how many people had questions about change. A typical webinar receives 2-4 questions.  These […]

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2017 Digital Transformation Trends: CX Will Retain Importance

As it typical at the end of the year, you think about what the next year will bring.  I’ve got eight topics that I think will impact Digital Transformation or a company’s Digital Transformation initiative.  Some of them probably won’t be a surprise.  That would include my first topic, in 2017 Customer Experience will remain […]

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Cloud/DevOps helping drive Digital Transformation

As organizations look forward into their crystal balls for 2017, more and more of our discussions with customers are tied to cloud /digital transformation. A key question which surfaces is how to best spend their budgets tied to cloud/digital transformation to get maximum ROI as well as help their organizations innovate faster. We began the […]

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