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Management Consulting

Perspectives and Insights on Strategic Business Consulting

What Does AI Have To Do With Strategy?

As you would expect at a consulting firm, we get a lot of questions on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Of course Perficient provides a wide range of services around these types of capabilities.  All too often, companies seem to appoint someone to a position with AI in the title and call it good.  That […]

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3 Fatal Fallacies – How to Maximize the Value of OCM

There’s an overwhelming amount of data showing that implementing an organizational change management (OCM) effort, based on proven best practices, provides significant value. If that’s the case, why are so many organizations failing to realize the expected benefits? Is there some lesson that can be taken from these failed OCM implementations that will help other […]

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Q2 is Here! Use a Simple Approach to Achieve Your Strategic Goals

We are heading toward the end of Q1. Organizations have finalized budgets and have set their strategic direction. Do you feel like you have the right operating model in place for your team to meet company objectives? Do you have your priorities sorted out? What does success look like? Stepping back and taking a simple […]

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What’s Your (Sustainment) Plan?

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, components in any Change Management endeavor is what we at Perficient call the “Sustainment Phase.” It’s the fourth phase (of four) of our Change Management methodology, and it’s all about ensuring that whatever change we’re implementing is just that – sustained – over the long haul. Few […]

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Energy Industry Needs Fewer Counterproductive Regulations

While the industry is seeing much innovation, and while energy companies are doing positive work in communities and around the world, there is no question that the industry still faces several serious challenges. The industry needs fewer counterproductive industry regulations and, instead, better policies that leverage free trade and support innovation. Free trade can lead […]

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Change Management – Making it Real

When done right, Change Management can make all the difference in a project’s success. Prosci repeatedly surveys the industry, and the results are consistent – projects with effective Change Management are six times more likely to be successful than those that don’t. That success in meeting business objectives, scope and timeline drives ROI, which is […]

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Energy Companies Embrace Philanthropy

Philanthropy remains incredibly important to energy companies, which made financial donations in the wake of horrific events, such as the hurricanes in Texas and Florida and fires in California, in 2017. As of August 2017, ExxonMobil had made a “financial commitment for Harvey relief to up to $9.5 million.” Money is also being sent to […]

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Oil & Gas Companies with Ethical Operations Outperform Peers

A recent Financial Times article highlighted a report which found that oil and gas companies with more ethical operations are more profitable and valued than their competitors. According to the report, “For oil and gas companies, the valuation premium was almost a fifth for those that combat corruption, have better health and safety processes or […]

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Driving Operational Efficiency in Telecom and Cable

At the end of the day, a streamlined business can witness tremendous cost and time savings, not to mention deliver better experiences for customers and employees. Most, if not all, leaders in the communications space have ongoing initiatives for optimizing their business, whether it’s the implementation of sophisticated software and technology, or process reengineering to […]

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