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What Can Usability Teach Us About Working Together?

World Usability Day was established in 2005 by the Usability Professionals Association. Each year, design professionals come together to discuss how to “develop technologies in a way that serves people first.”  On November 8, 2018, professionals met at almost 100 locations around the world to discuss the how to “Make Life Easy.” I attended World […]

Designing the small details – “Microinteractions”

Part 1 of 2 As a usability researcher it’s important for me to stay aware and informed of guidelines for designing user interactions. Also, I want to be literate about topics within user experience design. So Dan Saffer’s book Microinteractions – Designing with Details caught my attention. His text is interesting; it focuses on the importance […]

Project Off Track? Why Client, Agent and User Balance is Critical

From a PM/AM perspective, we are expected to keep the client happy (fulfill their objectives and vision), be the voice for our internal team and help produce a relevant and useful product while staying on time and in budget. Neglecting one and overdoing the others can cause issues with the overall success of the project, […]

User Experience For Content Management Systems (CMS)

I’ve seen a lot of bad CMSs. Systems that take multiple steps and six different screens to publish and categorize a page. In-page editing that looks completely different once it’s published. And my favorite was a previous client (I led a project redesigning the intranet for a state’s judiciary department) who had an employee that […]

Bad User: error messages matter on mobile applications too

Lately, it seems I’ve been experiencing a rash of extremely uninformative and even appalling error messages on iPhone apps. The latest one, shown in this post, made me laugh out loud. “Bad User,” I was told. I felt like a 1950s Catholic schoolgirl getting rapped on the knuckles with a ruler. Bad User! It’s looking […]

Transforming User Experience

I attended the Big (D)esign Conference last week, and as with UPA 2011, I was inspired and challenged by the opening keynote, Transformational Space: The Power of Place. Gwen Harmon, Director of Governmental and Community Affairs for the National Civil Rights Museum, (NCRM) talked about the museum and plans for renovation to create a greater impact on […]

A Checklist for Great Call-to-Action Buttons

Tom Ross at wrote a great article about what makes a great call-to-action button on a website. As we all know, encouraging visitors to take the action we want them to take is vital to increasing conversions (leads/sales) and ultimately turning your site into a revenue driver for the business. I took Ross’s suggestions […]

Keystroke Level Modeling: Another Usability Insight from UPA 2011

At UPA 2011, Michael Rawlins, Lori Hawkins, and Jeff Sauro presented about Keystroke Level Modeling (KLM), a tool for estimating the actual movements and the time to perform each step that a particular UI design requires for users to complete a given task. KLM offers a way to analyze the time on task required by a design […]

MyPlate: A more usable nutrition icon

The US Department of Agriculture announced yesterday a new icon to replace the food pyramid that has been the image for nutrition in the US for almost two decades. MyPlate provides a more usable image that matches the real-world use for this information. It provides “an uncomplicated symbol to help remind people to think about their […]

Plain Language and User Experience

Recently I attended Ginny Redish’s Plain language, Web Sites, Documents, and UX: You can do all that!, event hosted by the Usability Professional Association (UPA), DC Chapter. As usual, when I attend dc events like IXDA and other miscellaneous UX meetups, I am usually the anomaly visual designer in the room. The thing that I enjoyed […]

Eric Enge Interviews Usability Guru, Jakob Nielsen

Jakob Nielsen is a widely recognized usability guru. Here is a sampling of some comments about him in the press: “the king of usability” (Internet Magazine) “the guru of Web page usability” (The New York Times) “the world’s leading expert on Web usability” (U.S. News & World Report) “one of the top ten minds in […]