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A Data Mining Workbench

Data mining provides organizations with a clearer view of current conditions as well deeper insight into the future. In many previous posts, I’ve talked about IBM SPSS Statistics and Modeler. Here is some basic information: IBM® SPSS® Modeler Professional is the data mining workbench for the analysis of structured numerical data to model outcomes and […]

SPSS Codebook

A  codebook is a type of document used for gathering and storing codes. Originally codebooks were often literally books, but today codebook is a byword for the complete record of a series of codes, regardless of physical format. – Wikipedia The codebook command was introduced in IBM SPSS Statistics version 17. It provides information about the […]

Metadata Attributes

IBM SPSS Statistics offers many ways to help save time when analyzing data, particularly if you are continually performing the same types of analysis on similar sets of pools of data. TIME SAVERS “Metadata Attributes” – Data attributes have properties associated with them, and these properties are defined in metadata.   During data analysis, documentation […]

A Simple Analytical Architectural Strategy

Over the last month I’ve been taking a tactical view of analytics by focusing on some of the specific features of IBM SPSS Statistics so today, I have decided to think a bit more “strategically”. If your organization wants to begin leveraging survey-response type data for example, what might be a reasonable approach? If I […]

SPSS Virtual Files

The power of SPSS allows the data scientist or predictive modeler to consume large data volumes. This data may come in smaller manageable subsets or possible huge “data ponds”.  Depending upon the procedures you will be performing in your analysis, SPSS may reread the entire data set for each procedure.  Of course, procedures that change […]