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API Testing with Apache JMeter: Comprehensive Guide

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) indeed play a crucial role in modern software development, enabling different applications to interact and exchange data seamlessly. In the contemporary world of technology, APIs have evolved into the fundamental backbone of modern software businesses, serving as the essential means of communication and data exchange between various applications. While you may […]

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Moving to the Cloud? Here’s What You Need to Load!

Migrating an application to the cloud can help build more scalability, reliability, and security all while reducing the overall management and costs of your infrastructure.  To fully capitalize on these benefits, your migration process should include a Load Testing step. The Different Types of “Load” Testing The term Load Testing gets thrown around quite a […]

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Simulate High-Scale Load for Applications with Azure Load Testing

Azure Load Testing Performance and Load testing are an integral part of the Software Development Life Cycle. These tests can be used to find performance bottlenecks, help right-size infrastructure, find the correct thresholds when setting up scaling mechanisms, and see how your application will react under an excessive load. Consider a retail eCommerce application gearing […]

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How good is your AEM Security? – Denial of Service

Large scale data breaches and critical security vulnerabilities have companies thinking about security more than ever.  Many developers are familiar with the OWASP top 10 ( and there are already many resources on generic mitigation for these vulnerabilities.  Instead in this series, I cover security issues and mitigations specific to AEM.  Today’s topic is Denial […]

Do not Neglect Portal Performance and Load Testing

Poor performance in a portal production environment will quickly become your number one complaint from your employees, partners and customers.  Given an option, your user community will look elsewhere and not come back.  Performance testing and load testing are often left to the last minute or skipped all together.  If 2 weeks before launch you […]

12 Things You Shouldn’t Do on a Portal Project: #11 Infinite Loops on the Homepage

It’s the fear of anyone who has launched a web site or an application that has any possibility at all of becoming well used.  What if your site can’t keep up with the load and the server crashes?  A crashing server due to resource overload can happen for a variety of reasons but today’s topic […]