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Diving Deeper into Test Case Studio’s Advanced Functionality

Test Case Studio is a tool that not only simplifies the testing process but also offers a range of advanced features that elevate your testing capabilities to a new level. If you haven’t already, we recommend checking out our previous blog on “Efficient Test Case Creation with TestCase Studio”, which provides insights into how this […]

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Enhancing Visual Testing with Snapshot Comparison in Virtuoso

Nowadays ensuring that your application looks and behaves as expected across different releases and devices can be challenging. This is where Snapshot Comparison in Virtuoso comes into play, offering a robust solution to detect and prevent visual defects. The Power of Snapshot Comparison Snapshot Comparison is a feature that allows you to compare screenshots of […]

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Logging JavaScript Errors from Selenium Script to Console for Debugging

When working with Selenium WebDriver to automate web testing, debugging can be a challenging task, especially when dealing with JavaScript errors that occur within the web application you are testing. To aid in debugging, it’s essential to capture and log JavaScript errors from your Selenium scripts to the browser’s console. In this blog post, we […]

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Creating, Managing and Sharing Projects in Virtuoso

Introduction Effective collaboration is the cornerstone of successful software development and testing projects. Virtuoso, with its powerful capabilities, is not just a tool for creating and executing tests; it’s also a platform that enables teams to work together seamlessly. In this guide, we’ll explore how to manage projects and share resources effectively in Virtuoso. Understanding […]