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Using New Built-in Polls in a Teams Meeting

One new update that may have flown under your radar is the new built-in polls feature in a Teams meeting. In today’s article, I’ll be covering this cool new feature and show you how you can start using polls in your meetings! Step 1: Schedule your meeting Let’s start things off in the Microsoft Teams […]

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An Introduction to Sitecore 9 Forms: Creating Forms and Adding to Existing Pages

Welcome to the first installment of the Sitecore 9 Forms series. This series of articles will cover the use and customization of the new Forms module. We’ll begin with the basics and review how to create a form and add it to an existing page.

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Troubleshooting Sitecore 9 Analytics and Forms

Leveraging the power of Sitecore Forms and Analytics can be the key to delivering a site that provides an awesome customer experience. Marijana helps you troubleshoot some common hiccups, and gets you on your way!

Best Practices on Sitecore 9 Forms for Development Teams

If you are embarking upon development with Sitecore 9 Forms either with a large OR small development team you will benefit greatly from these tips and best practices. These are put together by our development team who is building Sitecore 9 forms with rather large complexity. These forms included many custom form fields, validations, and […]

Sitecore Symposium 2017: The New Sitecore Forms

This session was led by Pieter Brinkman and Hylke Heidstra from Sitecore. They showed some of the new features in the new Sitecore Forms for Sitecore 9. This session was in a very large room and was standing room only! Lots of people wanted to know more about this new module. Here are my notes […]

How to Embed a PowerApp into SharePoint

11/27/17 UPDATE: The PowerApps team has finally rolled out the ability to update a lists default form with PowerApps. Though this post focuses on embedding in general, check out the walk through I did on how to customize the list form here Since PowerApps has gone into General Availability six months ago, I’ve been patiently waiting to hear […]


SCORE 2.0 Component Assembly 101, Part 2: Form Components

In my first post in this series, we walked through the process of building a simple component. Let’s go a bit further now and build something very useful in Sitecore: a custom form. While a module like Web Forms for Marketers can definitely help you build forms, it can be heavy handed and sometimes doesn’t quite fit the bill. That’s where form components come in. Luckily, BrainJocks SCORE has a few features and patterns that can help you out, and keep your content authors happy at the same time.

Using IBM Forms Experience Builder to Create Self Service Apps

At the IBM Digital Experience Conference, Marty Lechleider and Dave Hogan talked about how Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennesee is using IBM Forms Experience Builder (FEB) to create apps in IBM Digital Experience. Marty started with an overview of what’s new in FEB. FEB provides an easy way to build data entry forms using drag […]

SharePoint Forms – Living Without InfoPath

On Jan. 31, 2014, Microsoft announced the end of InfoPath Forms. This is not totally unexpected as InfoPath is an older technology that relied on programming methodologies long antiquated in a client side, HTML 5, mobile world. Since the announcement, the community has been waiting for more information from Microsoft. Some information was relayed at SPC, but nothing […]

IBM Connect: Engaging Users With Dynamic Forms

Forms represent a really useful tool for the business. All too often, the I see business users want to own and manage more of their site but roadblocks exist. Web based forms represent one common road block where developers do simple work that might be better suited to a trained business user.  IBM released an […]

Liferay Dynamic Data Lists

Liferay is introducing Dynamic Data Lists in v 6.1 .  Also known as User Data Lists, they are kind of similar to Microsoft SharePoint Lists.  The idea behind the lists is to allow end users to create simple applications without the need for custom development. In fact, Liferay says that 80% of the simple applications […]

Portal Excellence Conference – Keynote

We are at the Portal Excellence Conference which has now been appropriately renamed to the Web Experience Conference.  IBM is explicitly admitting that it takes more than just portal software to create a web experience so they’ve expanded the discussion to portal, web content management, search, web analytics, user experience, and a number of other […]

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