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Big Data

Big Data: Integral Part of an Information Architecture

Forrester recently released some research titled “Reset on Big Data” and this research highlighted the lag between IT’s understanding of Big Data’s role within the enterprise data ecosystem.   In short, business leaders were 40% less likely to cite Big Data’s role as an extension to the current the current analytical environment.  This is not surprising […]

Top 5 Best Practices for an Actionable BI Strategy

In an earlier blog post, I pointed out a number of companies complete a BI Strategy but only to shelve it shortly after its completion.   One main reason is that companies let their BI Strategy atrophy by not maintaining it; however, the other main cause of shelving a BI Strategy is that it was not […]

BI Strategy Basics

Recently while waiting for a flight, I had the opportunity to review “Driving Business Insight with Effective BI Strategy” (April 30, 2012) from Forrester, a global research and advisory firm. The article reminds that a business (any business) cannot survive today by relying on ERP systems and spreadsheets. In fact, it goes further and proposes that […]