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6 Disruptions in the World of Data – Day 2 Informatica World 2016

Day 2 at Informatica World has been equally as informative and exciting as day 1. The day started with Amit Wahlia (Chief Product Officer) discussing the 6 data disruptions leading to innovations that Informatica is watching – including mobile, social media, big data, IoT, security, and cloud. A cool example of data-driven disruption was Amazon […]

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Data 3.0 – Day 1 Informatica World 2016

There were 3 main themes during day 1 of Informatica World 2016, including a data competency model, Data 3.0, and updates to their partnership program as a part of their efforts to bolster their collection of data-ready solutions. Since the emergence of Informatica 20+ years ago, their vision to become market leaders in data management […]

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Why Use Informatica for Cloud Data Management

Cloud data management is a critical component to the effectiveness of your big data and analytics program. But you need the right tool and not all data management tools are optimized for cloud. There are six reasons on why customers use Informatica Cloud Data Management: 1. Agility and time to value: Informatica has done well to bring […]

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Data Governance Infographic – Private Equity and Informatica

A data governance plan begins with the acknowledgement that your organization needs a strategy to own and be responsible for data in order to make better decisions internally and externally. Without this in place, data can be misunderstood and misused, or worse, not used at all. As an Elite Informatica Partner, Perficient and Informatica work […]

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5 leading-edge releases from Informatica in 2015

Last week, Informatica hosted their annual world conference in Las Vegas, NV.  The title of the conference was “All Things Data”.  There were over 2,500 attendees at the conference, which included Informatica employees, partners, and clients.  There were four days of business and technical breakout sessions with a variety of topics from Big Data, Cloud, […]

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Informatica makes Real-Time Integration a cinch for Salesforce

A colleague posted on the Saleforce blog recently a brief post exemplifying why Informatica is a leader in real-time data integration. He writes… No secret or surprise that Informatica and Salesforce have been closely aligned and work very well together. Both are cloud solutions which free you from having to manage on-premise networks and access […]

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LinkedIn Data Integration with Informatica Infographic

For a company like LinkedIn, data is at the core of their business. Externally, subscribers to their network are constantly seeing content updated by the seconds. But what about internally? Their data teams are non-stop behind the scenes working to keep up with all of this rapidly changing data so when their Financial, Planning, & […]

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Informatica improving Healthcare Challenges at #HIMSS15

System interoperability and integration is critical to healthcare organizations. Their ability to coordinate care across the continuum with integrated data solutions and streamlined data sharing supports population health management initiatives and makes accountable care a reality. Using Informatica Powercenter/ Powerexchange for Mainframes as an ETL tool, Perficient has helped healthcare organizations achieve enterprise-wide ODS’ for […]

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Informatica: Money Data Type Doesn’t Get Accurate Value in Target

Problem Description: Several days ago when I ran a PowerCenter session, I encountered an issue of populating column value of money data type from one Microsoft SQL Server table to another. For example, the original source value is 1234.1250, but after I loaded it to another table, it became 1234.1136. In Informatica, the column data […]

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Informatica: How to Set a Target Flat File Name with Timestamp

Scenario We want to create a target flat file name with the current system date. Solution 1 The first method is renaming the target file name in the post session command as bellow: Example: The following command will rename the file in the format filename_MMDDYYYY.out in Windows: move $PMTargetFileDir\filename $PMTargetFileDir\filename_%date:~4,2%%date:~7,2%%date:~10%.out

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First Experience with Informatica Cloud

I remember that I heard the cloud concept about ten years ago while now the real cloud age is here. The cloud deployment and practice in CRM area might be the pioneer comparing with others. It is glad that we are seeing more and more BI vendors are boosting their cloud strategy and product development […]

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Importing Data into Salesforce with Informatica

The need to change the values actually being imported is inevitable when you are importing data into Salesforce. Scary to some, a matter of fact to most , but a way to shine for the users of Informatica . At Perficient we have been able to use the cloud tool Informatica which offers a wide […]

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Lookup Relationships with Informatica

Perficient clients are able to leverage a wide range of tools across the broad spectrum of current technologies. Through the course of my experience with Perficient’s Salesforce team I have been able to help implement different types of technical solutions. My blog posts will focus in on various solutions, and I will start with the […]

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Informatica: Removing Duplicate Source Records

Duplicate records are occasionally found in source data. Due to primary key constraints on a target database, only one version of a duplicate source record should be loaded into the target. The following methods demonstrate some of the most efficient ways to deal with duplicate source data. 1. Aggregator Transformation When to use Any time […]

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Informatica: Target Update Override

Target update override is also like source qualifier override. It is useful to update the target without using the update strategy transformation. You can find the Target Update Override option in the target definition properties tab. The syntax of update statement to be specified in Target Update Override is UDATE TARGET_TABLE_NAME SET TARGET_COLUMN1 = :TU.TARGET_PORT1, […]

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Informatica: Dynamic Source File Name

  Scenario: Data source is a flat file and we want to load this data into the target. The problem is the source file name keeps on changing.  Here we go: Use a pre-session script that creates a file list. Windows dir /b part_of_file_name*.txt > FILELIST_NAME.LST UNIX ls part_of_file_name* > FILELIST_NAME.LST                 In Workflow Manager […]

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Informatica: Use session parameters in session command

A variable defined in a parameter file cannot be used in a post-session command alone. It must be used along with other session properties like Output file directory or Source file directory for it to be used in the post-session command. Example Consider a variable $OutputFileRepSybase that is defined as /home/test in the parameter file. If this variable is used in a post-session command alone, as […]

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Informatica:Use a Microsoft Excel worksheet as a source

Step 1. Create and configure the Excel worksheet. In Microsoft Excel do the following: Select the required rows to be read into PowerCenter. Select Insert > Name > Define (Formulas > Name Manager in Excel 2007). Enter a name for the range. Click OK. Save the worksheet.

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