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Once upon a time there was Paper…

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I’m pretty sure I’m going to have trouble explaining to my kids that there was a time when all the news was delivered through newspaper, and bills were paid using paper. In fact I can see myself reading to my grandkids a fairy tale (on an iPad) that would start “Once upon a time there was paper.” Today, there are still companies using paper as the main way to communicate while others are looking into taking advantage of the massive media tools among us.

How do you get your News? (Think really hard)

News is defined as “newly received or noteworthy information.” Nowadays, we receive news not only through television (which I do not personally own) and newspaper (which I never buy) but through email and social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc). Hence, it is very easy to understand why companies are looking for ways to reach potential customers through all of these information channels. After all, if they decide to pick just a couple of them, it is very probable that they will be missing someone important (people just like me).

Multi-Channel Publishing

The solution seems to be simple; It has been done in the past! Once a new communication channel comes along, you just need to jump into it.

“There was a time when postcards were a great way to reach everyone. Then a team was added to be in charge of the website, and now it seems like we need more people for the other stuff. “ (Bob the CEO)

The question would be: Is it possible to take advantage of multiple media channels without duplication of effort? And the answer is yes! Here comes ECM to the rescue. You should not need to pay three different staffs (website, social media, traditional media) to transmit an idea, and they should not have to review the same material 100 times because it is going to be published in multiple channels.  The bad news is that getting all the items in your wish list up & running is not an easy task…  The good news is that Perficient can help you get it done right.

What are your plans for our paper-less future?

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