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Saraswathy Kalyani

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Refactoring Java Legacy Deprecated API

Problem: There are certain java code refactoring in the long-running applications, that are due to deprecated legacy APIs, that needs to be replaced with latest APIs/libraries. For example, when we upgrade AEM server from 6.2 to 6.3, Apache Sling Commons JSON libraries are deprecated and we may need to replace its references with newer Gson […]

jsPDF in Web Portal

What is jsPDF? jsPDF is an open-source library for generating PDF documents using JavaScript. It provides multiple options to generate PDF files, with custom properties. It has numerous plugins to support various ways of PDF generation. The Challenge in portal web application for PDF generation: In portal, aggregation of data from various sources plays an important part. In […]

Interpreting Spring form tags

Spring MVC provides tags for handling form elements when using JSP. Each spring form tag will generate HTML tags at runtime. These tags provide support for the set of attributes of its corresponding HTML tag. This blog provides a quick reference of how to interpret some of these commonly used spring form tags and understand […]

Client side Inter Portlet Communication using amplifyJS

When portlets need to communicate between each other without involving any server-side logic, client side Inter Portlet Communication[IPC] can help for quicker interaction. Handling IPC at client side provides flexibility to refresh only the portlets / components involved in the communication rather than a full portal page refresh. AmpliyfJS – Is a JavaScript component library […]