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Suchith Hegde

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Tips and Tricks: Steps to setup CICS Transaction Gateway(CTG)

Having recently worked on integrating across multiple CICS regions using CTG, I have shared some of my observations during configuration.To put things in perspective, below is a conceptual diagram to set up a high availability CTG environment. Before you start: 1.CICS Transaction Gateway should be installed. 2.You also need to install support pack CA1T V3.0.1. […]

How To: Message Selectors in WMB & WMQ as JMS Publish Subscriber

WebSphere MQ, when used as a JMS provider, can be leveraged to implement one of the widely used architecture patterns, the Pub-Sub model. In this use case, we have a message flow as the service provider that connects to WMQ publisher and another consumer message flow that uses WMQ topics as a subscriber within WebSphere […]

Sequence Diagram in WMB

Using the WMB toolkit we can produce a sequence diagram with the following steps. Open Modeling Perspective 2. Within this Perspective Click on File->New->Other   3. Select Sequence Diagram within Modeling profile 4. Click Next and Select the location where the File needs to be created and Click Finish. A work area with the palette […]

Why WebSphere MQ as opposed to RDBMS for WMB

One of the most asked questions in a project from the client was how feasible is it to use Database as the intermediary transport layer for Websphere Message Broker. No doubt there is a long term benefit in using WMQ but the question is more short sighted as per the immediate benefits of leveraging the […]