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Ryan Perea

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Validate OTT (Over-The-Top) Analytics Measurement Implementation

There are several methods to validate and debug analytic implementations using Adobe App Measurement Libraries. Over-the-Top (OTT) Providers can use the following method to validate their analytics implementation for iPhone, android, Xbox 360,  Roku and connected TVs of all kinds, and more. The web proxy is the most common method for capturing analytics requests. Using a […]

Building An Agile Driven Digital Governance for Adobe Analytics

So you have management buy-in to implementing Adobe Analytics, now what? It’s time to start to ensure digital governance is in place before you implement your Adobe Analytics solution. In the words of the great fictional Peter Parker, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. Building a safe digital governance program can provide a collaborative ecosystem […]

One Visitor ID To Rule Them All

Using Visitor ID to connect visitor profiles across Adobe Analytics, Target, and Audience Manager has been on Adobe’s to do list for a long time and many marketers as well. Far too long, integration between the Adobe products included many gaps and data integration issues such cookie deletion and dependency on data collection servers to […]

Adobe Summit: Integrating Adobe DTM, Target, Analytics & AEM

At this year’s summit Adobe Summit, we had the exciting opportunity to showcase Perficient as a leading Adobe partner. As a Silver Sponsor, we felt it was our duty to demo Adobe powerful products from the Marketing Cloud by integrating Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM – formally known as Satellite), Adobe Experience Manager (AEM – […]

Protecting Your Adobe Analytics Implementation from Start to End

Part of every implementation requires multiple environments, load order rules, data collection processing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Unfortunately, there currently isn’t a solution in the market that can unify all these moving pieces due to the complex nature of data collection but I have a list of tools that can make your life easier […]