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Michael Faloney

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Using Core Measures to Jump-Start Enterprise Analytics

Today I spoke in a webinar entitled “Using Core Measures to Jump-Start Enterprise Analytics”. During this presentation I covered a number of topics around business intelligence in healthcare and specifically around an approach called targeted analytics. I reviewed some of the options available today to healthcare organizations and provided an example of building an enterprise […]

What’s the Best Approach to Healthcare Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence for healthcare is a hot topic right now. Just about every list of top priorities for healthcare organizations includes business intelligence or analytics. This was evident during the recent HIMSS Conference, where the number of options presented by vendors was impressive. So this begs the question: “What is the best approach for implementing […]

Healthcare Analytics Come of Age at HIMSS 2011…Sorta

Looking through the sessions at HIMSS 2011, one can see a wide range of topics related to business intelligence and analytics. From different uses for BI to different types of presentation vehicles to the potential of use predictive analytics, one will not be at a loss for finding something analytics related to sink their teeth […]

Increased Focus on Governance at HIMSS 2011

As I look over the various sessions and presentations for the 2011 HIMSS conference, I’m excited to see an increased focus on data governance as a topic. At the same time, I ask myself “is it enough?” Data governance in healthcare (especially in the provider space), has often been a neglected and forgotten critical component […]

Master Patient Index: A Foundational Component to Excellence

An enterprise master patient index (EMPI) is the glue that holds together all things patient related. It provides the foundation for improved patient safety and outcomes, as well as a positive patient experience. The issue I’ve seen is that a lot of healthcare organizations don’t havea comprehensive, consistent, EMPI. So why are organizations in this […]

The Competitive Advantage of Integrated Clinical and Financial Data

The healthcare world is in the middle of a data revolution of sorts. Both providers and payors are starting to realize that their transactional systems contain a wealth of data that can be used for strategic advantage. Many organizations are spending considerable time and resources in standardizing, cleansing and remediating data issues in their transactional […]

Why Aren’t You Leveraging Analytics in Your Organization?

Analytics can offer a wide range of benefits to healthcare organizations. It can provide information to make better decisions on or impact quality of care, patient outcomes, cost containment, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. At a theoretical level, healthcare organizations understand these benefits. In fact, implementing analytics is on the top ten list of many […]