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Michael Bergen

Michael Bergen is a Web Apps Architect with 5+ years of agency experience and has been with Perficient Digital out of the Irvine office since 2017.  Before working with enterprise clients, he worked with a small, ambitious team at a start-up developing cutting-edge digital signage for school districts across the country.

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Direct to Consumer - mobile first

How to Manage State in React

In this recap, I’m going to demonstrate a top-down data flow approach to managing state with React. First I’ll go over a couple of approaches one might take and then refactor to make things nicer and less likely to have bugs. Let’s say you want to add a button that, when clicked, will toggle your […]

Developing in a Virtual Machine: 4 Time-Saving Optimizations

The default settings on a freshly downloaded virtual machine (VM) are great if all you need to do is view and maybe debug your website in IE11 or Edge, but if you want two screens or just need more pixels, need to run more programs, or write and compile code, you have to make some […]