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Kristen McKernonLead Technical Consultant

Providing simple solutions to make you IBM Maximo sweet.

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Perceptions of an Easy Configuration

I sat down to write a post about my preference of an automation script for a crossover versus a crossover domain. This also makes me think about the different perceptions of an easy configuration. By easy configuration I mean the most direct, streamlined and doesn’t impact performance but Maximo has ten [plus] ways to do […]

Don’t Be Down on the Asset Down Code

Have you ever used the Asset Down Code? I have been working with Maximo since 1999 [v4] and only recently have I had a client using the Asset Down Code. Seems simple enough, select a code from the domain list and click OK. It makes sense they want to see the Asset Down Code on […]

Climbing Out of the Maximo Developer’s Rabbit Hole

Years ago on a large project to implement Maximo SmartCloud Control Desk [SCCD], now IBM Control Desk [ICD], we all had our own instances for developing that we could refresh at any time. Even the architect team had their own instance. One of their team members tinkered around quite a bit. Since we became friends […]