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Julio Robles

Julio Robles is a .Net Solutions Architect and DevOps Champion with more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry in health, banking, electronic commerce, government, utilities, cybersecurity, and custom development. He has worked as an IT consultant and university professor at PacifiTic of the Colombian MinTic program and has overseen and designed different software architecture projects with international clients and the Colombian government. He is passionate about coding as well as sharing his knowledge with others through teaching. He’s currently working on Azure DevOps, providing the best programming practices from his knowledge and experience.

Blogs from this Author

Password Management And Social Intelligence In The Era Of Mr. Robot

Password Management and Social Intelligence in the Era of Mr. Robot

Great TV shows take deep inspiration from reality and use that insight to teach us and also show us things we might be unaware of amid the chaos of our daily lives. As a tech company, one of our favorite examples of this is Mr. Robot, a show that follows troubled hacker and tech genius […]