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Icey Qi

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Define Customized Testing Objects with Selenium

Page is usually the basic testing object in automated testing. However, sometimes one or more pages contain multiple similar units. For example, let’s say that 3 different pages have a similar unit, say a table unit. All of the 3 table units in the 3 pages certainly have columns, rows and table names. In our […]

Brief Probe into TestNG Listener

In our automation testing project practice, we may need to change the attributes of @Test (e.g. priority and group) for the existing scripts due to the requirements change. Or we may need to collect the regression result data to generate a customized report. But for the large number of existing scripts, it could take a lot […]

How to Generate and Personalize an Html Report for JMeter

When creating load testing projects, we usually integrate JMeter with Apache Ant to run JMeter scripts in a batch. The test result auto-generated by JMeter ONLY provides the data collected during the load testing run. To present a comprehensive test report, visualizing such data to charts or diagrams are required. One of the solutions for […]