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How to Do Android Automation Testing with Espresso & UIAutomator

About Espresso and UIAutomator Espresso is a powerful, efficient Android Automation Test Framework, it contains three parts: ViewMatchers, ViewActions and ViewAssertions. Compared with other frameworks, it is simpler and easier for us to learn, but there is a limitation: you can only do operations in your tested app. So, if you want to deal with […]

How To Get Your Fitness Data From Google Fit?

About Google Fit “Google Fit is an open ecosystem that allows developers to upload fitness data to a central repository where users can access their data from different devices and apps in one location “. That means you can use your apps (not only Google Fit) or devices such as Apple Watch to upload your […]

How to use Fingerprint and PIN Code?

About Fingerprint Nowadays, almost every smart phone has Fingerprint Identification, as you know, it’s safer and more convenient to use fingerprint to unlock your phone. We usually use fingerprint to unlock screen, login App, and payment authentication. And Google Pixel use fingerprint swipe to access notifications. There is also an App called “Fingerprint Gestures” can […]