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Erin Bauer

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Monitoring Your Ongoing Holiday Projects in Q4: 3 Tips for Success

As we reach the halfway point of October, it’s almost go-time for launching your holiday projects and initiatives. This can be a mix of emotions; exciting, anxious and possibly scary all at the same time. Once Halloween is over, the competition explodes for capturing early holiday shoppers and attracting customers over the next two months. […]

For a Successful Holiday Season, Let Your Data Be Your Guide

It can either be the Elf on the Shelf®, or the elephant in the room – data is as important as you make it. To that point, many eCommerce and omni-channel retail organizations are sitting on mountains of customer shopping and behavior data, especially after the holiday selling season. Sadly, an unsuccessful holiday selling season […]

Making Your List, Checking It Twice: Advice for Project Managers Launching Holiday Retail Projects

In my last blog, I touched on the five tips that Project Managers can utilize in organizing internal teams for better execution of holiday projects within an omni-channel retailer environment. But what happens next? After you have your Holiday Task Force team assembled, the priority is to start making your project documents and identifying due […]

5 Tips for Strong Partnerships During the Holidays for Omni-channel Retailers

‘Christmas in July’ isn’t just a promotional sales tactic in mid-July to boost customer engagement, or a 1940’s movie title. In my experience, it stands for the prime month to kickoff combined efforts of a retailer’s cross-functional teams in researching and strategizing an action plan to execute a more successful omni-channel holiday sales season. Brick-and-mortar […]