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Using Azure Storage Services from an iPhone App – Part 2: Building the User Interface

This post has moved. New location Future updates to the series will only be posted to the new location. Intro This is part two of the first series of posts I’m writing on developing native mobile apps using the Windows Azure platform. In the first part, I covered the basic setup of my azure storage, […]

Using Azure Storage Services from an iPhone App – Part 1: Table and Blob setup, Azure iOS toolkit, and Model Classes

Windows Azure as a Mobile Backend Platform

Today, I posted a video blog discussing why using Windows Azure as a mobile backend platform is an attractive option. I wanted to quickly summarize the contents of that video and also supplement it with some helpful links. Summary Backend platform selection is important because, unless you’re talking about the most trivial of apps, most […]

Considerations for Delivering Successful Mobile Projects

There is no denying that mobility is currently a hot topic. Staggering forecasts by various analysts have made capitalizing on the mobile applications market a top priority for many organizations’ CIOs and CTOs. However, before diving headfirst into mobility projects, it is important to consider various factors in order to define a clear strategy that […]

Cannot modify SharePoint list views with tracing enabled

I was debugging an issue with a heavily customized SharePoint site where users were unable to save any changes they made to SharePoint list views. Since this was a heavily customized site with several custom list definitions, my initial thought was that we may have botched a list definition or two and made these lists […]

Powershell Cmdlet for FAST Search Document Removal

On a project I’m currently on, we had a scenario where we needed to support being able to quickly remove potentially many documents from the FAST Search index. Unfortunately, the FAST web administration only allows you to delete one document at a time, which would definitely not be suitable for our scenario. We had a […]