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Perficient to Streamline Application Modernization and Boost Green Impact Through Partnership with CAST

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Perficient is excited to introduce two transformative products to help businesses optimize software health, expedite cloud migration, manage open-source risks, and enhance their environmental footprint: App Modernization IQ and Green Impact IQ. These offerings come as a result of our new partnership with CAST, a market leader in software intelligence.

These offerings layer services on top of CAST’s software intelligence technology that automatically “understand” custom-built software systems, providing actionable insights across all applications. They transform Perficient’s application modernization and cloud migration operating model across cloud practices with insights that enable rapid application assessment and portfolio transformation planning, providing even more immediate value to enterprise customers, along with extensive internal sales enablement and delivery readiness efforts.

Both new offerings are powered by CAST Highlight:

  • App Modernization IQ equips businesses with actionable insights to optimize software health, accelerate cloud migration, and mitigate open-source risks.
  • In parallel, Green Impact IQ empowers organizations to enhance their environmental sustainability by identifying opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption–often paired with cloud migration to address ESG initiatives.

The true value of these offerings lies in the speed and accuracy they provide. Highlight is the premier software intelligence offering in the modernization landscape, replacing traditional, time-consuming methods with rapid fact-based insights. By integrating its capabilities into our products, we can quickly understand a customer’s application portfolio, layer on their expertise, and provide an actionable roadmap in a much shorter time than competitors.

CAST Highlight’s four key categories of intelligence–Software Health, Cloud Maturity, Open-Source Risks, and Green Impact–give businesses a comprehensive view of their application landscape. This ensures cloud migration isn’t merely a lift-and-shift operation, but a strategic transformation that addresses health, security, and sustainability concerns.

Perficient and CAST are currently planning to deepen the impact of this strategic partnership by developing additional tools and services offerings that integrate CAST Imaging’s deep-analysis software intelligence capabilities.

To learn more about Perficient’s cloud capabilities, click here.

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