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Perficient Chennai Annual Meet 2022

Group picture

It was normal morning that started out with a slight drizzle. The roads were starting to fill up, children were leaving for school and people were getting on with their day. Only, it wasn’t just any other day at the Perficient Chennai office. It was the day of the long anticipated Perficient Annual Meet!

The meet was the first of its kind to be conducted after COVID and was attended by more than 150 of us. It was a wonderful opportunity for colleagues to meet each other in person after a long time of working from home. It was bound to be an enjoyable day of entertainment and leisure.

First Outing Post COVID:

The fun started pretty much the moment everyone boarded the (six!) buses. The hour-long journey to the venue, the beautiful Hudson Hotels and Resorts, was filled with people dancing along the narrow bus aisles and some very good singing.

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Fun in the bus

Upon our arrival, everyone set about to explore the resort and its grounds. It had a small animal enclosure and garden. There was also a small pond with a coracle on it. A lot of our colleagues took turns to ride the coracle and merrily swirl around the pond.

Coracle Ride

Coracle ride

Some Friendly Competition:

The day was also packed with activities that started with Team building games. This was followed by the DJ Party with some nice music which brought out the dancers in many of us. After a delicious lunch, the afternoon saw people splitting up into smaller groups to play many games like cricket, badminton, and volleyball or to just chat with their friends. The badminton doubles matches did get a little intense with friendly banter and light ribbing.


The day came to an end with snacks, tea and the mandatory group pictures being taken. The ride back to the office, while a little more subdued than the morning due to exhaustion, was filled with more dancing and singing.


Overall, it was an amazing day filled with good food and fun times. Personally, it was the first ever meet I went on, as a new college graduate working at my first job. After having spent more than a year working from home, it was the perfect setting for me to meet and spend time with a lot of my colleagues. I was really excited and didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be a wonderful day.

A big thank you to Prakash Chembai, the GDC Chennai HR and Perficient Chennai leadership team for organizing this day!


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  1. Abishek Murugesan

    Awesome work kavya keep it up. You have captured beautiful memories. It was really great to see all the smiling faces.

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