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Positively Impacting Clients Through Thoughtful DevOps Implementation: Interview with Juan Ruiz

Positively Impacting Clients Through Thoughtful Devops Implementation Interview With Juan Ruiz

It’s been a little over a decade since DevOps started to make its way into the mainstream of software development. But rather than wane, it’s gained traction as a culture shift that emphasizes stronger collaboration and broken down silos that produces better software and improves businesses overall.

DevOps seems to be going the way of agile with the percentage of companies having adopted or fully-immersed in DevOps climbing from 48% in 2017 to 50% 2018, and companies only just starting to or thinking about adopting DevOps going from 40% in 2017 to 36% in 2018. But as companies have started to achieve higher levels of maturity in their DevOps practices and participate in outsourcing, they are finding that it’s essential for their offshore software development partners to share their level of DevOps expertise.

Understanding DevOps As A Philosophy, Not Just A Framework

DevOps transitions can be challenging because they don’t just entail implementing a new set of practices or tools during the software development lifecycle, but rather a change in culture and mindset. Where historically the development and operations teams have worked separate, DevOps endeavors to bridge the gap through increased collaboration and shared ownership of a project at every step of the process. This understanding of DevOps as a philosophy is crucial to its success, as Perficient Latin America senior DevOps engineer Juan Ruiz explains.

In this interview, Juan discusses his understanding of DevOps, how Perficient Latin America approaches the process of implementing and scaling DevOps, and what makes Perficient Latin America unique in terms of DevOps practices. He explains Perficient Latin America particular mindset as a software outsourcing partner when it comes to approaching a client’s process and project to employ a DevOps mindset.

Expanding The Scope Of Devops

With DevOps prevalence in software development secured, it’s not uncommon for teams to start integrating other practices into the development process. DevSecOps, for instance, aims to integrate security practices throughout the development lifecycle, allowing teams to ensure fast delivery of safe code and promoting an idea of shared responsibility of security issues. A more holistic approach to software development means creating software that addresses issues from the start, instead of having to go back to incorporate or correct things like security or performance problems later in the process.

Sharing Our Devops Knowledge With The Tech Community In Colombia

As part of Perficient Latin America mission as a purpose-led software outsourcing company, our leaders and employees are encouraged to find and seize opportunities to share their wealth of knowledge with the local and regional tech communities. Juan Ruiz, a central participant in PSL’s transversal DevOps guild and a knowledgeable DevOps expert, participated as a speaker at the recent DevOpsDays Bogotá 2019 conference. His talk addressed technology-enabled DevOps acceleration. He focused on helping attendees gain a better understanding of the different ways in which DevOps helps companies reduce time-to-market and drive down costs. Juan’s contribution to the event was no doubt of great value to the event’s attendees and helped push the region’s DevOps advancement.

Interview with Juan Ruiz, Senior DevOps Engineer

Interviewer: How’re you doing?

Juan Ruiz: Oh, so great! Thank you!

Interviewer: Good, thanks for coming to talk to us.

JR: Thanks to you for having me.

Alright, so, DevOps is all about a set of principles. It’s more than a technology, it goes further than that, but it’s it’s all about feedback loops and then having a core set of objectives that the technology needs to meet. So, it’s all about giving a purpose of tech itself.

Interviewer: Great, and how are we doing that here at Perficient Latin America?

JR: Alright, here at Perficient Latin America we’re… well, what we offer our clients is an entire set of expertise in implementing DevOps in different environments and different businesses. So, the idea behind it is understanding what are the current needs of a client, what’s its business model, why are they doing what they’re doing, what’s the reason behind all of the tech histories, the know-how that a client has, and we help them accelerating that and getting more feedback out of their buck. So, we try to make them… make sense of their technology.

Interviewer: How is our approach to DevOps different than you’ve seen?

JR: Everyone pretty much is gonna tell you that they’re agnostic enough, but I really think that the—what sets us apart is the fact that we’re completely invested. Like, the reason for us to do this is because we want to generate an impact. That’s really the “commercial” way of putting it, but in reality, we’re not gonna… well, we really, we truly believe that if our customers succeed, we’re gonna succeed. So, we don’t really care about ranks or politics. We just want to get inside a customer’s house, to put it in some way, and from a very respectful and humble point of view, tell them what can make a difference for them to make—to meet their business goals.

Interviewer: Awesome, Juan. Thanks so much for sitting down and talking to me.

JR: Thanks a lot for putting up with me.

Want to boost your DevOps practices? Call Perficient Latin America.

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