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Apigee and Pivotal Partnership Accelerates Value for APIs

API management leader and Google subsidiary Apigee recently announced a partnership with Pivotal to accelerate application modernization and microservices management. Intent on accelerating the application development process, the partnership promises to add greater value as organizations look to improve their innovation methodologies. Additionally, both Apigee and Pivotal are Perficient partners.

The Apigee partnership comes upon the heels of continued growth after their $625 million acquisition by Google in the Fall 2016.  At the time, we expressed that the combined forces of the two companies underscored the focus on cloud within the developer community while emphasizing the need for application programming interfaces (APIs). Since then, our predictions have come true with nearly 19,000 APIs on the open market, complementing growth in cloud-native and DevOps development methodologies.

So where does this take the industry next? Both Apigee and Pivotal describe their partnerships to support the following use cases:

  • Application Ecosystem Expansion: The addition of Apigee provides development teams more resources that support innovation. Developers can create their application in Pivotal, and then use Apigee’s API management solutions to support front-end or client-side needs. This helps create an ecosystem of applications, which in turn supports the APIs within the application.

  • Manage Microservices Complexity: Apigee offers API key validation, spike arrest, quota management, and operational analytics to help teams manage their microservices. These features work in tandem with Pivotal Cloud Foundry to help organizations become more cloud-native.
  • Modernize Applications: Many organizations are exploring IT modernization strategies, which include cloud-native and API implementation. Apigee and Pivotal are committed to helping achieve these goals and have solutions that monitor modernization processes through analytics, dashboards, and interface management.

Already, this partnership is netting benefits for over 200 customers who are enjoying the benefits of an application development and API innovator. With more organizations pursuing serverless opportunities in the face of rising capital expenses and the complexity of existing platforms, looking to Pivotal and Apigee brings much-needed peace of mind.

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Albert Qian

Albert Qian is a Marketing Manager at Perficient for our IBM PCS, DevOps, and Enterprise Solutions Partners focused on cloud computing technologies.

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