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Mature Your Microservices Program

Microservices are gaining popularity for their potential to deliver scalability, resilience, and agility that wasn’t possible with service-oriented architecture. Over 70% of organizations are investigating microservices adoption, but many are encountering challenges to success in achieving these goals with the additional strain on IT to be more agile, adopt new technology, and embrace DevOps.

Microservices Tracks

Microservices Tracks

Microservices Health Check

Perficient has built a practical approach to implementing microservices. We create a roadmap to modernize and mature IT people, process, and technology needed for effective microservices strategy. To this end, we have developed a Microservices Heath Check to assess IT’s current state and make a series of actionable recommendations within program tracks to modernize IT for micoservices.

Health Check Topics

In a fast-paced one-week timeline, Perficient facilitates a series of workshops to assess your microservices program. We document each session, conduct a gap-analysis against best practices, and produce a formal report recommending corrective actions. Our interviews focus on the following functional teams and topics.

Business sponsorship and perspectives:
• Business goals and drivers
• Pain points by application
• Modernization and migration plans
• Critical success factors
• Target applications
• Impact to capital projects
• Benefits and justification

Technology and realization:
• Security use cases and implementation
• Service design – domain boundaries, inter-service communications, and cohesion
• API design and standards guidance
• API catalog and contract management
• Common frameworks, patterns, shared libraries, and templates
• Messaging patterns, persistence models, and eventual consistency
• Monitoring and logging

Methodology and process:
• Agile methodology
• DevOps culture
• CI/CD automation
• Versioning and contracts
• Change management

Microservices Health Check Benefits

The intent of the health check is to create a set of actionable tasks to get microservices processes and projects on track to ensure you achieve the desired technical and business objectives. The Microservice Health Check provides the following benefits:

• Solidifies the microservices business case
• Provides a benchmark of your current microservices approach to industry best-in-class
• Validates architecture concerns such as security, messaging, and persistence
• Helps to define your microservices roadmap to mature people, process, and technology along program tracks
• Leverages Perficient’s microservices architecture, agile methodology, and DevOps guidelines
• Delivers a set of actionable tasks to get your microservices program on track

Perficient also has sample microservices deliverables and references available on request.

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