Maven Build Failure – Unknown packaging: content-package

If you are running a Maven application, in some cases, you may encounter an “Unknown packaging:content-package” issue when you try to build the app. We can’t determine the reason based on this error description. I will guide you through a method for determining the possible root cause and a related solution for this issue step by step.

  1. First, you need to check if the content package plugin is added in your pom.xml. If no, you need to add one.


  1. Check if the content package plugin jar file is in the maven repository. If the plugin files aren’t installed in your maven repository, you need to download the artifact from adobe repository.


  1. If the plugins file is installed and you still get this error when you do the build, then you need to make sure if the version of plugin files are broken. For example: if you are using the 0.0.20 version in your pom.xml for this plugin, then you can remove the 0.0.20 version, then re-download it from the adobe maven repository or you can modify a higher version of the plugin in your pom.xml file.


I fixed my issue in step 3, as my previous version of the plugin files is broken, so I changed it to another version (0.0.24). I did the build again and it works now.

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