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Video: Client Success Story: Enhancing the PMR Experience

We have all seen the pictures of the paved walkway with a dirt path off to the side. The paved walkway representing design and the dirt path representing user experience. In today’s complex healthcare environment, user experience is becoming increasingly important. In fact, designing and reacting to patient and member interactions is the foundation for successful connected health initiatives.

NASCO, an Atlanta-based company that was founded in 1987 is an information technology solutions provider for Blue Cross(R) and Blue Shield(R) Plans throughout the United States. They are dedicated to helping Blue Cross(R) and Blue Shield(R) Plans across the nation build a better healthcare system.

NASCO had several user interfaces, the functionality and look and feel were different depending on who designed them. The lack of consistency in interface design led to a less than desirable user experience. NASCO enlisted the expertise of Perficient to help develop standards that would not only enhance the user experience but would also strengthen the NASCO brand.

Perficient started by developing a series of standards and prototype templates to demonstrate what the new user interfaces could look like. In addition to the prototypes, Perficient created a new set of guidelines to be used for future development of user interfaces. These guidelines included tools, styles and technologies to ensure a consistent user experience across all new user interfaces.

Perficient engaged with key stakeholders to get feedback from those who would be using the PMR website. With input from the users, Perficient was able to improve functionality and deliver the following benefits for NASCO and their Plan customers:

  • Improved User Experience with intuitive, innovative and thoughtfully designed applications
  • Reduced coding and administrative effort due to easy-to-use interfaces
  • Improved decision making with a more efficient view of data
  • Strengthened brand due to the consistent look and feel of user interfaces

The above video provides a closer look into the improved PMR experience.


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