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Znode Launches Multifront 8.0

Znode, one of the industry’s leading fully customizable .NET eCommerce platforms, recently launched Multifront 8.0. This new software version comes with a number of new features for an enriched eCommerce experience.
Upgrades in Multifront 8.0 include:

  • Full .NET MVC 5 architecture for a leaner, more scalable eCommerce platform. Cut down on development time with the ability to reuse and maintain the same code.
  • Redesigned admin brings an improved user experience and simplified operational flow. This new design is responsive and will enable administrative functions via mobile and tablet devices.
  • Extension framework for third party plugins to be developed by clients, partners, and independent developers. Plugins can be managed via the SiteAdmin.
  • Abandoned shopping cart management. Increase conversions by motivating customers to recover abandoned carts.

Znode Nultifront 8.0Znode Multifront 8.0 is a highly scalable and flexible solution that features rapid speed to market, full access to the source code, enterprise system integrations, and is adaptable to the unique requirements of B2B and B2C eCommerce.  The platform contains a comprehensive and robust feature set out of the box but truly differentiates in the ability to extend functionality, provide capability for multi-tenants, customize to unique requirements, and get to market quickly.
Download the Znode Multifront 8.0 Product Sheet for more information or contact us to schedule a product demonstration.

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