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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation without APIs and Data Costing Millions

A recent UK study sponsored by Apigee found that a digital transformation should include mobile apps, APIs and data analytics. And that companies “investing in these core digital technologies are eight times more likely to increase revenue from digital activity, this is when compared to those who are only developing apps.”

The report found that those who are only delivering apps saw an increased revenue median of about £266,000, in contrast, those who are investing in all the areas saw median returns of over £9,000,000.

Despite the majority of UK companies recognizing the value of developing API’s (75%), only 26% actually plan to deploy APIs in 2015 and not many more (35%) plan to incorporate big data analytics into their products, processes and services.

Not only is the use of the ‘digital trifecta’ providing an increase in revenue, it is also leading to an increased ability to innovate, with 41% compared to apps only 15% seeing an increase.

Perficient’s Digital Transformation webinars, whitepapers and blogs have focused on the holistic approach to a Digital Transformation including apps, APIs and data analytics backed by a deep understanding of the customer’s experience. This study enforces the need to take an all-inclusive approach to Digital Transformation.

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Eric Roch, Chief Strategist, IT Modernization & Integration

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